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Science comprises different ways to create ‘valid’ knowledge. For example, scientometrics and Science and Technology Studies (STS) often differ in how they establish ‘valid’ knowledge claims. Judit is interested in how ways of knowing converge, diverge and get coordinated in science, both as an object of study and in her own scientific practice. As part of FluidKnowledge, Judit explores ways to combine computational data analysis (scientometrics) with concepts and methods from STS to study the relationship between (e)valuation and knowledge production in Ocean Science.

Judit is currently completing her PhD in STS at the University of Nottingham in partnership with Ordnance Survey. Prior to her PhD, Judit worked as a Research Assistant at the University of Southampton, at Trinity College Dublin and at Canvas8. She completed degrees in psychology at Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest (BA, 2012) and Trinity College Dublin (MSc, 2013)..


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